VIA architecture is a specialist residential architectural practice.

We do two things:

  1. Design high-performance homes. Think “Porsche” for houses. Beautiful, modern, world-class comfort, world-class energy efficiency. The best technology under the hood.
  2. Support other architects designing high-performance architecture. Not every architect has the specialist knowledge and expertise needed to deliver high-performance design. We’re the specialists, we bring it to them.

We use the international Passive House standard and design methodology to design high-performance architecture.  We transform your quality of life by designing a home that provides optimum living conditions with minimal energy costs.

Specific services we offer:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Full architectural services from project inception to completion with integrated Passive House design
  • Passive House fixed price feasibility study (‘PHeasibility’)
  • Independent Passive House Ventilation Design
  • Passive House design / consultancy
  • Blower door testing during construction as required for Passive House
  • Passive House building certification in association with Warm

Want to know more? Give us a call on +64 22 416 9499 or drop us an email.