Cosy Cat Passive House

Can you get a Passive House Cat Door?

Prospective Passive House homeowners often have a lot of questions. And rightly so, there are many new things to know about designing, building and living in a Passive House compared to a typical Kiwi house.

One regular question is: can we get a Passive House Cat Door?

The answer is: Yes.


petWalks PassiveHouse Cat DoorThere is this very high-tech option from petWALK in Austria. It is designed for use in airtight, houses with controlled ventilation, such as a Passive House. It comes in a variety of sizes, colours, designs and with numerous accessories. It is suitable for both cats and dogs, installation in solid walls, glass, doors.

Price tag: starting around USD $2,000 with many more expensive options (depending on the option chosen and shipping)


Freedom Pet Pass Passive House Cat DoorThere is also this more basic options from Freedom Pet Pass in the United States. Which, although it seems very basic and would need checking on a specific Passive House design, has been used for a Passive House in the US. There are 3 cat sizes and also options suitable for dogs.

Price tag: USD $239 – $359 (depending on the option chosen and shipping)


So a Passive House Cat Door (or Cat Flap) does come with a relatively hefty price tag.

Still, maybe your favourite moggy (or doggy) is worth it? 🐱

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